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22 Meridian Rd, Eatontown NJ

System Specifications

System Owner: Meridian Solar Partners LLC
System Installer: Trinity Solar
Property Type: 40,000sf Multi-Tenant Flex
Installed Capacity: 201,600 Watts – DC
Est. Annual Electrical Production: 229,800 kWh – AC
PV Modules: 858 Trina Solar 235-PA05
Inverters: 26 SMA America Inverters
Interconnection Date: October 2010

Environmental Attributes

Annual Carbon Footprint Savings
Car Travel: 18,550 gallons of gasoline
Planted Trees: 35 acres of pine forest preserved
Barrels of Oil: 384 barrels of oil conserved
Avoided Emissions
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 363,800 lbs/year
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 1,642 lbs/year
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) 540 lbs/year
Current Production
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Today's Production
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Total Production
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