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8 Wright Way, Oakland NJ

System Specifications

System Owner: FR02, LLC
System Installer: Trinity Solar
Property Type: 3 story commercial property
Installed Capacity: 64,000 Watts – DC
Est. Annual Electrical Production: 70,400 kWh – AC
Interconnection Date: Anticipated January 2011
PV Modules: 304 Trina Solar 230-PA05

Environmental Attributes

Annual Carbon Footprint Savings
Car Travel: 5,655 gallons of gasoline
Planted Trees: 10.7 acres of pine forest preserved
Barrels of Oil: 117 barrels of oil conserved
Avoided Emissions
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 110,830 lbs/year
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 500 lbs/year
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) 163 lbs/year
Anova will help you determine your requirements for system monitoring and maintenance. We will assist in the development of customized system monitoring software, including a tenant billing system, if needed.

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