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There is Still Time to Qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Grant

October 2011
The Section 1603 30% Federal Tax Grant is due to expire at the end of 2011. Although there are ongoing lobby attempts in congress trying to get an extension to the program, as occurred at the end of 2010, this is believed to be an unlikely outcome. Given the current economic crisis and the particularly partisan politcal climate in Washington DC, the 30% Tax Grant is likely to end on Dec. 31st 2011. Nevertheless, for business and property owners contemplating inslalling new Solar PV systems, there is still time to qualify the project for the current 30% Tax Grant. The Federal Government has established Safe Harbor guidelines which allow for projects that begin in 2011 to qualify for the grant, even if the project is completed in subsequent years. However, it is imperative that the process begin immediately. Property owners should contact Anova Energy Solutions today to receive more information on the required procedures to qualify your Solar PV installation for the 30% Tax Grant.


Uncertainty Hits the New Jersey SREC Market

May 2011
Unusual volatility has come into the futures market for short & long term SREC contracts. Prices of the RY 2012 futures contract have ranged from $575 to $350 per SREC with the current market trading anywhere from $450 to $490. The wide fluctuation is due to a combination of: 1) Fear that the state RPS requirements will be exceeded in RY 2012 and 2013; 2) Uncertainty surrounding possible changes to the state's Energy Master Plan; and 3) Unfounded market rumors and lack of accurate information.
Please feel free to contact Anova Energy Solutions for more detailed information about current market conditions and methods for securing the value of your SRECs.

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