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The world desperately needs energy solutions that address problems created by conventional electricity generation. In the United States alone, over 70% of our electricity is generated from fossil fuels, the majority of which comes from burning dirty coal. We are all too aware of the disastrous impact these sources of energy have on both our environment and our economy. Alternatively, the technology is now available for us to harness the sun’s virtually inexhaustible supply of clean, renewable solar energy and begin building a sustainable safer and brighter future.

Solar Energy Facts

  • Each minute enough sunlight reaches the Earth’s surface to meet the world’s energy demand for an entire year.
  • The sun provides a sustainable source of energy which can provide electricity for our world indefinitely, without contributing to global climate change (fossil fuels) or requiring hazardous waste disposal (nuclear).
  • The energy from the sun is clean, safe and FREE.

Why Install Solar?

  • Lower and Stabilize Energy Costs
  • Peak Shaving & Price “Lock In”
  • Predictability

The Financial Benefits from the Investment

The combination of energy savings, significant Federal and State incentives, and available financing options, have made investments in Solar PV systems an excellent investment for propery owners. Depending on how the project and ownership is structured, and the amount of financing levarage employed, it is possible for Solar PV systems to have positive cash flows in the first year of production and provide for a very high Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

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